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Seraphim Beverly Hills

Regenerative Therapy in Beverly Hills and Pasadena, CA

About Seraphim Beverly Hills

Seraphim Beverly Hills is a luxury wellness practice in Beverly Hills, California, offering a suite of wellness procedures to athletes, elites, aging individuals, and anyone else interested in exploring anti-aging services. The knowledgeable providers at Seraphim Beverly Hills specialize in high-quality regenerative therapy and other safe and alternative treatments. 

Patients at Seraphim Beverly Hills can choose from a selection of versatile options for vitamin IV therapy, including options for athletic performance and recovery, anti-aging, and immunity. Also available as infusions are NAD+ and Glutathione Push, which give patients beneficial enzymes or antioxidants for optimal body functioning. Vitamin booster shots are similar to infusions and provide specific nutrients that go directly into muscles for nearly immediate benefits. 

Regenerative therapy is a specialty at Seraphim Beverly Hills. The team frequently uses stem cells to treat back pain and joint pain from arthritis. Other conditions can benefit from these services too, and the practice welcomes patients to come in for a personalized consultation to discuss their needs and goals. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, also regenerative, are available for men’s and women’s sexual health. 

Alongside wellness therapies, Seraphim Beverly Hills offers deluxe aesthetic services like injectables and facials. Patients can enhance their microneedling facials for skin health. 

Seraphim Beverly Hills currently welcomes new and returning patients to explore wellness services suitable for their needs. Schedule an appointment by phone or online today.