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Vitamin IV therapy hydrates you while replenishing the nutrients you need for energy, athletic recovery, healthy skin, and many other benefits. Wellness experts at Seraphim Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, California, provide five vitamin-rich IV therapy options to help you feel your best by reducing pain or improving various body functions. Schedule your appointment by phone or online for vitamin IV therapy today.

Vitamin IV Therapy Q&A

What is vitamin IV therapy?

Vitamin IV therapy, also called vitamin infusion, is a wellness treatment that delivers beneficial nutrients directly to your bloodstream through a vein. An IV drip uses a needle and catheter to directly access your bloodstream, allowing you to absorb 100% of the nutrients in your treatment. 

This is a stark difference from taking vitamins orally, which offers a much lower absorption rate since some percentage of vitamins and other nutrients are lost along the digestive tract. With IV therapy, you’ll feel better almost immediately and can correct nutrient deficiencies affecting your health and wellness.

Seraphim Beverly Hills offers five versatile options for vitamin IV therapy that your provider helps you explore during a brief consultation. 

Which form of vitamin IV therapy can benefit me?

Your provider at Seraphim Beverly Hills directs you to an option for vitamin IV therapy that aligns with your wellness goals. During your next visit, you can choose from these IV drip options:


Antioxidant Drip

The Antioxidant Drip hydrates you with a liter of saline combined with plenty of electrolytes, including vitamin C. This drip is the equivalent of drinking eight cups of water and can improve headaches, dehydration, and exercise recovery. 


Immunity Drip

At the first sign of illness, or before entering a contagious environment like an airplane, you should consider getting the Immunity Drip to protect you from disease-causing viruses and bacteria. 


Radiance Glow Drip

The Radiance Glow Drip supports healthy hair, skin, and nails with vitamins and antioxidants to fight dullness, dryness, and brittleness. 


Founders Drip

Founders Drip is a form of vitamin IV therapy developed by the treatment’s creator. It eases a variety of conditions, including fibromyalgia, asthma, and respiratory tract infections. You can get it before your menstrual cycle or even during a migraine episode to alleviate pain and other symptoms.


Warrior Drip

This is the drip for you if you’re an athlete at any level. You can get the Warrior Drip before or after exercise to optimize your workouts, improve your recovery rate, and enhance your endurance. 


What should I expect during vitamin IV therapy?

When you come in for vitamin IV therapy at Seraphim Beverly Hills, your provider supervises the process of your IV drip while you relax in a comfortable chair. They insert the needle and catheter into a vein, usually in your arm. 

A typical vitamin IV therapy session takes around 45 minutes to one hour. During that time, you may sit and read, listen to music, use an electronic device, or otherwise relax. 

To learn more about each of the available options for vitamin IV therapy, schedule an appointment by phone or online at Seraphim Beverly Hills today.