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A vitamin booster shot may be just what you need to feel more energized and reduce your health risks at the same time. At Seraphim Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, California, wellness experts can teach you everything you need to know about vitamin booster shots containing essential vitamins like D3 and B12. Schedule your vitamin booster shot over the phone or online at Seraphim Beverly Hills today.

Vitamin Booster Shot Q&A

What is a vitamin booster shot?

A vitamin booster shot is an intramuscular injection of a particular vitamin your body needs to function at its best. When you consult with your provider at Seraphim Beverly Hills, they consider your medical history, any symptoms or concerns you have, and your goals for treatment before recommending booster shots and similar nutritional treatments. 

The vitamins in your vitamin booster shot go into the muscle, which allows for a very high absorption rate because your muscles have a high blood supply. This means the vitamins get into your bloodstream right away for almost immediate benefits.

If you enjoy the benefits of your vitamin booster shots, you can get them regularly at Seraphim Beverly Hills as part of your wellness routine. They can enhance the results of other available wellness treatments such as intravenous (IV) therapy and regenerative facials. 

What are my vitamin booster shot options?

Seraphim Beverly Hills offers two highly popular vitamin boosters you can get during your next visit. They each have a unique set of advantages that might pique your interest. Your provider can give you more information about:


Vitamin D3 boosters

Vitamin D3 boosters have countless benefits for your health and wellness. Vitamin D3 boosters at Seraphim Beverly Hills offer better immunity, stronger bones and muscles, better heart function, and less inflammation. 


Vitamin B12 boosters

Vitamin B12 boosters have their own set of benefits. If you get a B12 booster, you can enjoy faster metabolism, more red blood cells to prevent anemia, healthy bones, a healthy brain, and improvements to your hair, skin, and nails.


When should I get a vitamin booster shot?

Whether you’ve been feeling less energetic lately, have specific health concerns you want to address, or are experiencing nonspecific changes with age, a vitamin booster at Seraphim Beverly Hills offers just the pick-me-up you need. 

Vitamin boosters are not the same as taking vitamins by mouth: They offer a much higher dosage and rate of absorption. Even if you consume a well-rounded diet, you might not be getting all of the vitamins you need. A vitamin booster shot guarantees you get the vitamin you need and can treat a deficiency. 

Find out more about vitamin booster shots and their benefits by scheduling an appointment over the phone or online at Seraphim Beverly Hills today.